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A Shadow's Worth

Jailbreak Music Festival (2017)

Pittsburgh, PA

Projection & Lighting Designers: Harbour Edney & Joshua Ice


Tasked with creating an immersive installation work for a one night only Music Festival, the team gravitated towards the idea of a viewer controlled type of analog projection mapping. While this type of thing might normally be controlled by an infrared motion sensor (like this project), instead we utilized shadows created by the viewer to show a new image inside their silhouette. Using a large projection screen mounted to split the room in half, one projector mounted on each side of the screen overlapped to create one image (double rear projection). As a viewer interacted with their shadow on one side, they blocked one projection and the second projection was left behind in their shadow. Because of the size of the screen, there was room to explore the content being shown with the use of your silhouette. This quickly turned into a dance party of shadows.

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