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    a hit dog will            holler
By: Inda Craig-Galván

SYNOPSIS: A popular online political & social commentator is forced to examine her own legitimacy when agoraphobia prevents her from physically engaging in the very activism she boasts about online. When a boots-on-the-ground community organizer invades her space, they must both deal with fears arising from existing in America while Black. Is it just in their heads, or has the monster come to their doorstep?


Azuka Theatre Company / Louis Bluver Theatre at The Drake (2022)

Philadelphia, PA

Producer: Azuka Theatre Company

Director: Reva Stover

Stage Manager: Hunter Smith

Lighting Designer: Harbour Edney

Scenic Designer: Stephen Wiseley

Props Designer: Saria Rosenhaj
Costume Designer: Ang(ela) Bey

Projection Designer: Damien Figueras
Sound Designers: Larry D. Fowler, Jr. & Adiah D. Hicks


Photographer: Johanna Austin

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