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Always the Hour 
Full length immersive dance

SYNOPSIS: Always the Hour practices embodied lineage in order to understand patrimony and the fractal nature of the family forest. I am drawing on the myths of Prometheus, the Philadelphia Eagles football team, Christ’s sacred (sexy) side wound, and my family history. I think about Gub a mile up in the sky and six feet underground when he tried to tunnel out of the POW camp. I am searching for answers for why I am the way I am, why my family is the way they are, why we move through the world the way we do.

The Icebox Projects (2023)

Philadelphia, PA

Producer: The Philadelphia Dance Projects

Direction: Rebecca Wright

Lead Artist: Annie Wilson
Production Stage Management: Payton Smith

Environmental Design: Harbour Edney, Sunny Lucas, Krista Smith
Projection Design: Taj Rauch
Sound Design: Adriano Shaplin
Costume Design: Kimberly Max Brown, PhD

Co-creation and performance: Ciera Gardner, Shannon Murphy, Jaime Maseda, and Copper Santiago

Photographer: JohAnna Austin

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