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Bruise & Thorn
By: C. Julian Jiménez
(World Premiere)

SYNOPSIS: Bruise and Thorn are Nuyorican, queer, and tired af of their jobs at a busted up laundromat in Jamaica, Queens. But not for long: Bruise is saving up to become a chef (like on Chopped!), and Thorn spits bars on street corners, one America’s Got Talent audition away from becoming the Boricua Nikki Minaj. When the laundromat’s basement turns out to be an illegal cockfighting ring, the cousins can’t tell if this is an opportunity to cash out and become their most fabulous selves—or a trap to keep them locked into what everyone expects them to be.


A.R.T./New York Theatres, Mezzanine Theatre (2022)

New York, New York

Producer: Pipeline Theatre Company

Director: Jesse Jou

Associate Director: Richard Mosqueda

Choreographed: Cesar Valentino

Lighting Designer: Harbour Edney

Scenic/Props Designer: Sasha Schwartz
Costume Designer: Saawan Tiwari

Assistant Costume Designer: Billie Harmon
Sound Designer: Matt Otto

Fight Choreographer/Intimacy Director: Denise Hurd
Rap Consultants: Brian Quijada and Marvin Quijada

Photographer: Suzi Sadler

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