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Circle of Whispers

Located inside of Four Quarters Farm in Artemas PA, the Circle of Whispers is a large sand covered gathering area used for drum circles and meetings for various festivals. The only native structure to it is a 2' wooden frame that boarders the circle and stands 13' tall. 

Honcho PGH gathered this team to transform the Circle of Whispers for their 2023 Campout Festival (an annual 2,000+ attended Queer Music Dance Festival). The team of visual and floral artist used silks, mirror, plants of all types and found local material to create a garden of wonder. Spa of healing in the day, ritual of imagination at night.  

HONCHO Campout 2023

Four Quarters Farm, PA

Producer: Honcho PGH

Lead Visual Designer: Mike Ojeda

Visual Manager: Devanté Melton

Visual Installer: Thomas Gregovich

Lighting Designer: Harbour Edney

Venue Curator: Dylan Harris

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