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Rainbow Bridge - balls

HONCHO Campout 2023

Four Quarters Farm, PA

Lead Artist and Fabricator: Harbour Edney

Install Assistant: John Mack


For the 2023 annual HONCHO Campout (a 2,000+ Queer Music Festival) I was asked to build an installation on what's known as the "Rainbow Bridge" at Four Quarters Farm. This 200' steel bridge connects the two main stages of the festival and is traveled by hundreds of people in a night. 

The goal of this piece was to provide safety lighting for festival goers, as well as to create an activated space where they could meet up with friends or take photos. I used beach balls strung with fishing lines to explore space and how forms clump together. I then hit each clump with 3 different lighting fixtures to create contrast on the surface. Each ball passed light differently. Inspired by the ways unique groups of people make up a dance floor "balls" was a visual representation of souls gathering. 

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