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Local Singles

By: Nick Navari

(World Premiere)

SYNOPSIS: For a good time, call Local Singles, the last surviving support group in Pittsburgh for lonely people. When Penny’s boyfriend makes a rushed exit after learning about her pregnancy, she turns to the group for answers and walks away with something unexpected. Nick Navari’s new pop-musical will make you laugh and break your heart. You’ll walk away with a song in your head, and the feeling that there is still good in the world. This performance will be the first time the musical is presented with a full cast and band.

Community Supported Art (CSA) Performance Series (2021)

Pittsburgh, PA

Producer: The New Hazlett Theater

Director: Nick Navari

Lighting Designer: Harbour Edney

Scenic Designer: Johnmichael Bohach

Stage Manager: Rachael Ellis

Photography: Renee Roseneteel

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