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You Really Are A Heel
Written by: Cookie Diorio
(World Premiere)

This Christmas season, Mabeline “Grinchester” Diorio presents You Really are a Heel. Emerging from Whoville’s underground cabaret scene, the Grinch’s Ex-Missus is ready to light the tree and spill the tea on the holiday’s most notorious villain. Join the green goddess as she reclaims her showbiz dreams and spreads holiday cheer with her favorite carols and jams from her self-titled EP. You Really are a Heel is presented by House of Diorio and The Bearded Ladies Cabaret. Directed by Brett Ashley Robinson and featuring DJ Cindy Lou.

Ruba Club (2021)

Philadelphia, PA 

Producer: The Bearded Ladied Cabert

Directed: Brett Ashley Robinson

Dramaturg/Outside Eye: John Jarboe

Stage Manager: Noelle Diane Johnson
Assistant Stage Manager: Elliot Foster
Scenic Designer: Sara Outing
Costume Designer: Cookie Diorio
Associate Costume Designer: Rebecca Kanach
Lighting Designer: Harbour Edney
Sound Designer: Lucas Campbell

Photography: Harbour Edney via iPhone

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