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Sensory Input

The Black Cat Market (2018)

Pittsburgh, PA

Lead Artists: Harbour Edney & Joshua Ice

Program Design/Code: Greg King


Projections depicting content that is linked to symbols, colors and sounds we as people use to function and exist inside of communities in harmony together. Each situation and environment represents a different way the public is conditioned to act in certain scenarios. This content is projected into vats of water containing a mirror and a speaker. The images are bounced through the water, onto the projection surface and subsequently distorted by vibrations of the speakers contained in the box. This distortion is representative of how one begins to understand the world we live in and how their views are molded by others. Searching for meaning in these abstract images, the content becomes clear as the user interacts more. The layered  sensory inputs are sent through multiple sources to take viewers back to when they were first learning and processing these new commands. Multiple video sources and audio sources are presented to be combined to create a fully controllable experience.

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