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Static Maneuvers

Bricolage Production Company “Micro Immersive Carnival Gala” (2018)

Pittsburgh, PA

Lead Artist: Harbour Edney & Joshua Ice

3D Model: Joshua Ice


Six viewers enter a small storage container to find the interior transformed into an other-worldly experience with texture, mirrors, sound and light. Each viewer can find their on station to operate a 1'x1' mirror attached to an articulating arm. With the freedom to maneuver the mirror at will, projection beams are bounced from mirror to mirror allowing a geometric pattern to be created mid air by the viewer. Use of haze creates three dimensional beams that take on the patterns of the video content shown. This experience was part of a fundraiser for Bricolage Production Company. Their "Micro Immersive Carnival" allowed for exploration into a fun house style hall of mirrors with a modern installation art feel.

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