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The Wild Party
Book, Music, and Lyrics by Andrew Lippa

SYNOPSIS: Based on the 1926 poem by Joseph March, Lippa’s The Wild Party tells the story of two explosive lovers, Queenie and Burrs, whose intoxicating attraction confuses even them.  It’s Manhattan in the 1920’s and Burrs and Queenie want  to throw a party-to-end-all-parties. When a vivacious group of guests arrive, attractions intensify and things get a little too steamy. Drinks flow throughout the evening and mounting jealousy turns violent, and all parties must come to an end. But who will be there to clean their mess when the party's over?

Eagle Theatre (2023)

Hammonton, NJ

Producer: Eagle Theatre

Director: Angela Longo

Associate Director: Kahlil A. Wyatt

Choreographer: Tiara Nock

Music Director: Joshua Goldhaber

Stage Manager: Jordan Chester

Assistant Stage Manager: Erin Coffman

Production Manager: Mia Fabi

Lighting Designer: Harbour Edney

Scenic Designer: Andrew Robinson

Props Designer: Bridget Fitzpatrick
Costume Designer: Anna Sorrentino

Sound Designer: Dash Williams

Photographer: Jon Bradley

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