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SUPERCELL is an evening-length multidisciplinary quintet performance, responding to climate change, media sensationalism, desensitization, & environmental collapse. The title refers to supercells, large storms of deep, persistent updrafts often resulting in many tornadoes. While supercells are terrifying, ominous, and harbingers of great damage, they are simultaneously breathtaking environmental events when witnessed from afar. The effect is similar to sensationalist media, instantly amplifying catastrophic events for an insatiable public consumption. 

Tour Details:

(Premiered) September 22, 2023 at Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center in College Park, MD


December 9, 2023 at Kelly Strayhorn Theater in Pittsburgh, PA


January 11, 2024 at APAP in New York, NY


March 23, 2024 at Velocity Dance Center in Seattle, WA 

Artistic Team:

Producer: slowdanger

Choreography: Anna Thompson & Taylor Knight
Scenic & Projection Design: ProjectileObjects

Lighting Design: Harbour Edney

Costumes: Mad Recital

Sound Design: slowdanger and cast

Project Manager: Joshua Bristow

Co-creation and performance: AJ Libert, Nile Harris, Kira Shiina, Christian Warner, Jasmine Hearn

Photos from January 11, 2024 @ The Flea Theatre (APAP) New York, New York

Photos from December 9, 2023 @ Kelly Strayhorn Theater, Pittsburgh PA

Photos from September 22, 2023 @ The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center (Premiere) College Park, Maryland

Photos from September 2, 2023 @ The Kelly Strayhorn Theater (development and workshop)

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