(they/them/their - What's this?) is a freelance lighting designer for theatre, dance, concerts, events, and installations, currently based in Pittsburgh, PA. They have a BFA in Lighting Design & Technology from Point Park University. They especially enjoy working on pieces that subvert theatrical expectation, encourage audience engagement, and provoke relevant conversation.


Ongoing Projects:


Lighting Designer @ Alumni Theater Company

Artist in Residence @ The Space Upstairs

Artist in Residence @ Spectacle: Create & Capture

Production Assistant @ City Theatre Company


Upcoming Projects:

Lighting Designer for "Local Singles" @ The New Hazlett CSA - March 2021

Director: Nick Navari

Lighting Designer for "Milton" @ The New Hazlett CSA - March 2021

Choreographer: Kaylin Horgan

Lighting Designer for "Quest and the Girl with the Yellow Jacket" @ The New Hazlett CSA - May 2021

Directors: Jonathan Brown & Amber Epps

Lighting Designer for "The Stew Project" @ Alumni Theater Company - May 2021

Director: Stew

Lighting Designer for "The Evolution of Evelyn Serrano" @ The New Hazlett CSA - June 2021

Director: Tlaloc Rivas

Lighting Designer for "The Green Swan" @ The Space Upstairs - Julyish 2021

Choreographers: Pearlann Porter & John Jambert

Picture by Joshua Brown 

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