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Harbour (they/he) is a freelance lighting designer and installation artist currently nested in the Philadelphia area. They have a passion for new and devised work that challenges and provokes current design theories and social issues. They design for a wide range of theatre, events and festivals; with a focused passion for dance and queer/trans theatre. Harbour received their BFA in Lighting Design & Technology from Point Park University in 2018.

In their installation work Harbour leaves the lighting console and explores space and soul in a more tactile way. They strives to create environments that hold a moment in time safe enough to question constructs around identity and social status. With the use of technology and reactive environments they aim to constantly remind the audience that their presence is what makes meaningful and impactful art possible.


Picture by Joshua Brown 

Ongoing Projects:


"Beardmobile" Venue Manager @ The Bearded Ladies Cabaret (Philadelphia, PA)

Artist in Residence @ The Space Upstairs    (Pittsburgh, PA)

Head Electrician @ InterAct Theatre Company 2022-2023 Season (Philadelphia, PA)

Upcoming Projects:

Production Designer "Space Opera" with Obvious Agency - Lead Artist: Daniel Park 

December 2022/February 2023 (Philadelphia, PA)

Lighting Designer "The Wild Party" with Eagle Theatre - Director: Angela Longo  

February 2023 (Hammonton, NJ)

Co-Environment Designer with Krista Smith "Always the Hour" - Lead Artist: Annie Wilson, Director: Rebecca Wright

April 2023 (Philadelphia, PA)

Pathway/Hangout Lighting Coordinator  @ Honcho Queer Campout 

August 2023 (Outside Pittsburgh, PA)

Lighting Designer "Supercell"  with slowdanger - Choreographers/Lead Artist: taylor knight & anna thompson 

Premiering August 2023 (Pittsburgh, PA)

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